why choose edge?

to save time AND money, and get 6 key benefits...

Put simply, because I’ll give you a financial forecast that’s better designed to do what you need it to do, more quickly than any other combination of resources you could use. 

Or in other words: because I’ll give you a better quality, more effective forecast, and still save you time and money.

You’ll choose edge if you want to :

  • Understand and communicate what really drives your business. And acquire a long term management tool that will really help you meet your goals.
  • Achieve a forecast that’s built exactly for your needs. Whether it’s simple or complex; for business modelling, planning, or to support a funding application.
  • Make it happen quickly. I’ll deliver your forecast in the least time possible.
  • Get a proven result, right first time. Avoid a painful and time-consuming learning curve.
  • Take up less of your own time and mental energy on the process. You’ve probably got more pressing things to do with your time. 
  • Guarantee to impress and convince those you need to. The quality of your financials, like the quality of the rest of your plan, says a lot about you and your business.

I’d love the chance to back up these claims.  An initial conversation is free and entirely without obligation.

So please call me now. I’m always happy to talk.

Simon Thompson

Document Downloads

  • a sample edge forecast report

    understand the benefits...

    a sample edge forecast report

    clear, persuasive and impressive

  • The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

    an indispensible free guideā€¦

    The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

    what you need to know before starting any forecast.


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