understand the whole picture, BEFORE you start...

You wouldn’t start a journey to somewhere you’ve never been without some kind of map, and starting a business is just that kind of journey.

I’ll give you a simple, flexible model that will ensure you understand where you’re going. You’ll be able to see the upside and the downside, spot opportunities and problems sooner, and better convince and impress those you need to (even if it’s just yourself!)

An essential benefit of my approach is that you get a forecast that is exactly as simple or as complex as it needs to be. No unnecessary detail, but equally no glossing over those awkward realities. An elegant, effective forecast for a start-up business can take as little as half a day to produce and will pay dividends from day one.

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  • a sample edge forecast report

    understand the benefits...

    a sample edge forecast report

    clear, persuasive and impressive

  • The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

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    The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

    what you need to know before starting any forecast.


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