lottery or grant application?

looking professional is key - edge can really help

Successful lottery or grant applications depend on good quality financial projections. The best-argued or most deserving case in the world will fail if you can’t demonstrate a sound financial grasp.

An edge forecast always reflects well on your organisation, and I can offer the kind of additional financial management advice and experience that may be at a premium if you're looking for lottery or grant money.

I take away the learning-curve and because my approach is quick and efficient, your plans won't be delayed by the forecasting process, or frustrated because you didn't get it right first time. And compared with other external solutions I'm also very competitive - so you’ll be able to keep more of those hard-won funds for their true purpose!

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  • a sample edge forecast report

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    a sample edge forecast report

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  • The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

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    The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

    what you need to know before starting any forecast.


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