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Crowdcube is a unique and innovative way to raise investment for your business.  (If you don't know about Crowdcube visit www.crowdcube.com)

You’ve seen Dragons’ Den: you know what happens when you're not in control of your numbers!  So Crowdcube demand high standards of professionalism from the entrepreneurs they promote and I'm delighted they recommend me as a way to help you meet those standards quickly and cost-effectively.  Edge is the only forecasting process to incorporate all their needs automatically.  It's not just a vastly superior forecasting tool, it will save you huge amounts of time into the bargain.

“Utterly professional from start to finish…I can’t imagine there’s a better way to get this done…your obvious business experience is a bonus and the ongoing support has been great...”
Nicola Gammon www.shootgardening.co.uk 

Using edge will help you get your pitch up fast  -  and right.  You’ll get your finances across clearly and forcefully, and you’re guaranteed to exceed the standards required by the most demanding investor. An edge forecast makes you look good, and creates a strong, professional impression every time.

Learn more about edge's key features and benefits here.

Here's what Crowdcube say about edge:

 “We were hugely impressed when Simon did Crowdcube’s own financial model. After a short phone consultation he had fully understood the key drivers of our business, and set up an elegant and easy to use model for us…it’s made flexing alternative scenarios very simple… improved our own understanding of how our numbers work, and the quality of reporting is exceptional. File management and version-control is easy and his support has been generous…

We’ve seen at first hand the positive contribution this makes when we present our financials. Simon’s extensive commercial and accountancy experience has really added to the process…it was quick, thorough and hugely effective.

….Having managed our own financial projections in the past we know what a huge amount of time and effort he has saved us while at the same time producing a much superior result.

As he's fond of saying himself, we can’t understand why anyone would want to re-invent this wheel!”

Darren Westlake. Managing Director, Crowdcube Limited

I’d be delighted to help you make the most of your opportunity on Crowdcube. Give me a call now on 01225 464071 and I’ll talk you through how it can work for you.

Simon Thompson

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    a sample edge forecast report

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    The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

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