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“Utterly professional from start to finish…I can’t imagine there’s a better way to get this done…your obvious business experience is a bonus and the ongoing support has been great...”
Nicola Gammon www.shootgardening.co.uk 


An edge financial forecast…
  • costs from as little as £295
  • usually takes less than 24 hours to deliver
  • is built for you, and tailor-made for your business
  • minimises the demands on your own time, energy and financial skills, and requires no prior work on your part
  • can easily adapt or incorporate any existing spreadsheet financials
  • will always add up and meet all professional accounting standards
  • gives you complete mastery of your business numbers through a model you can use and edit yourself
  • effortlessly produces elegant and impressive reports that make you look good
  • is guaranteed to meet the needs of the most demanding bank or investor

I have proven this process over more than 2 years - building forecasts for businesses just like yours all over the UK - from the smallest start-ups to businesses turning over millions, and often in less than a day.

A personal online demonstration takes just 10 minutes and you can make your own mind up about the value I offer. So please call me now. The sooner you do the sooner you can get on with something you’re better at!

Call me now on 01225 464071.

 people tend to say good things about an edge financial forecast...

“As a business angel brokerage we often need accurate and quick response from experts. Simon provided, at very short notice, the most thorough projections we have ever received… to the client's complete satisfaction. We would never have any hesitation in recommending Simon's services”
Ian Palmer, Capital Brokers (Corporate Associate - Beer & Partners Business Angel Network)

"When icomply.com decided to take the plunge and put together a pitch for Crowdcube I felt that it was worth handing over my spreadsheets and a relatively small amount of money to Simon and seeing what happened. During the underwriting process for the pitch Simon probed and prodded my forecasts, carefully checking my plans against our Sage accounts and historical data - and then produced a superb set of professionally formatted figures.

We worked together on line - no travelling - and Simon is always quick to respond to questions and tweak the figures if needed. I would recommend Edge to anyone."
Hugh Barker, CEO www.iComply.co.uk

“We were hugely impressed when Simon did Crowdcube’s own financial model. After a short phone consultation he had fully understood the key drivers of our business, and set up an elegant and easy to use model for us…it’s made flexing alternative scenarios very simple… improved our own understanding of how our numbers work, and the quality of reporting is exceptional. File management and version-control is easy and his support has been generous…

We’ve seen at first hand the positive contribution this makes when we present our financials. Simon’s extensive commercial and accountancy experience has really added to the process…it was quick, thorough and hugely effective. ….Having managed our own financial projections in the past we know what a huge amount of time and effort he has saved us while at the same time producing a much superior result.
As he's fond of saying himself, we can’t understand why anyone would want to re-invent this wheel!”
Darren Westlake. CEO, Crowdcube Limited


Call now, for a free, no-obligation demonstration.  And make a problem an ex-problem.

01225 464071


Simon Thompson

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  • a sample edge forecast report

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    a sample edge forecast report

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    The 10 Key Forecasting Issues

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